Healing Your Holistic Self: Mental Health

We're back with our fifth and FINAL entry of Healing Your Holistic Self! Today we are focusing on MENTAL HEALTH! Check out this week's blog for a few strategies to: Encourage yourself, support a positive mood, and find a sense of purpose (this last idea is one we borrow from Logotherapy, which tells us having a sense of meaning in life is critical to our mental wellness). Check it out and let us know what you think!

Who am I?

Understanding who you are is a lifelong process! Often, as we journey to know ourselves more, we pick up negative self-talk along the way - even from well meaning people. You have to actively cultivate positive self-talk to have a warm relationship with yourself. Read our blog post for 5 tips on adding positive affirmations to your daily life to build confidence, cultivate positive self-talk, and create a sense of self-worth.