Healing Your Holistic Self: Mental Health

We're back with our fifth and FINAL entry of Healing Your Holistic Self! Today we are focusing on MENTAL HEALTH! Check out this week's blog for a few strategies to: Encourage yourself, support a positive mood, and find a sense of purpose (this last idea is one we borrow from Logotherapy, which tells us having a sense of meaning in life is critical to our mental wellness). Check it out and let us know what you think!

What is Narrative Therapy?

We're introducing some of the main therapy approaches that our therapists use. This entry we're focusing on Narrative Therapy. Keep reading to learn more about how Narrative Therapy can support you in understanding your life in a new way - allowing you to write a new story and live the life you're longing for.

Who am I?

Understanding who you are is a lifelong process! Often, as we journey to know ourselves more, we pick up negative self-talk along the way - even from well meaning people. You have to actively cultivate positive self-talk to have a warm relationship with yourself. Read our blog post for 5 tips on adding positive affirmations to your daily life to build confidence, cultivate positive self-talk, and create a sense of self-worth.