Who am I?

Understanding who you are is a lifelong process! Often, as we journey to know ourselves more, we pick up negative self-talk along the way - even from well meaning people. You have to actively cultivate positive self-talk to have a warm relationship with yourself. Read our blog post for 5 tips on adding positive affirmations to your daily life to build confidence, cultivate positive self-talk, and create a sense of self-worth.

The power of a smile

In some seasons of life, smiling comes as easy as breathing – we smile at passersby on the street, we smile when our pets do something precious, we smile when we smell a flower, we smile when our team wins a game. In other seasons, we may feel less joyous. It may take effort to smile, even at things you truly appreciate. It may even feel like there isn’t much (if anything at all) to smile about. These ebbs and flows are a natural part of life.
Keep reading to learn about a skill that can help you return to those moments of joy and positivity so that peace and gratitude can flourish in your life.