Setting Limits

Setting Limits means honoring your own capacities and needs; it means showing up as your own ally. AND Setting Limits is healthy, compassionate, and important for your relationships to thrive! It can also be empowering AF! Read on for some ideas on how to determine your limits, express them, and encourage yourself when the going is hard.

Healing Your Holistic Self: Physical Wellness

2020 is a year of ongoing changes and adjustments! And, with autumn approaching and school starting, we are in the middle of a new round of transition. Change often increases stress, overwhelm, and anxiety; if this is your experience -- we are dedicating our new blog series to you! HEALING YOUR HOLISTIC SELF will provide tips, resources, and exercises to help you feel grounded, intentional, and at peace in 5 areas of wellness: physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual. Join us today for a focus on PHYSICAL WELLNESS and stay tuned for future entries!

Self-compassion in a time of Coronavirus

Even those of us who are maintaining our overall physical health have likely come down with a case of the SHOULDs, which affect our emotional and mental health. These pesky SHOULDs haunt us into believing that we aren't doing enough, even when we are doing just fine. Keep reading for some strategies to banish these SHOULDs and nurture self-compassion!