Nancy Davies, CSWA

We each have a story.

What is yours?

It is a common human experience to have a running narrative about who we are in the world.

“I am shy. I make poor decisions.”
“I am angry. I create fear.”
“I am kind. I act with courage.”

Each story can invoke a different emotion, energy, and presence. The stories we hold about ourselves, others, and the world around us influence our decision-making, our feelings, and our experiences.

In the face of life stressors, it is easy to lose our way and feel overwhelmed by a narrative that creates strong emotions and reinforces a sense of defeat.

Through our work together, you’ll find opportunities to unpack your story and transform the control it has over your life. We will discover how emotions and feelings can be used to inform our lives and not hijack them.

It takes courage to pursue therapy. My hope is that within this space, you’ll be able to breathe, think, explore, and grow.