Life Transitions

Change is inevitable.

It reaches us all at one time or another, and often on an ongoing basis. It can even come in waves of multiple transitions at once.

These changes in life can take us by surprise, and can often leave us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and down. 

Whether it is losing a job or starting a new one, moving out of the house for the first time or relocating, beginning school or finishing, being in a new relationship, getting married, or even separating from a significant other.

Many find themselves needing support when they are managing feelings around life transitions – especially those that have come unexpectedly.

You may be seeking peace and comfort as you adjust to and make sense of your new reality.

Having the dedicated time set aside to process the transitions of your life, whether expected or unexpected, is helpful.

Contact us today to learn more about how our therapists can support you in navigating this new terrain. They can support you to share your concerns, worries, and struggles in adjusting to your new reality, explore strategies to help you cope with life’s current circumstances, develop skills for managing the choices and decisions you have regarding change, and take time finding ways to creatively write these changes into your life story.