There is no manual for how to come out to your family, friends, or community.

There’s no roadmap for how to live authentically as a queer person. 

No magic 8 ball to tell you which spaces are safe for you to be out or to help you choose when and how to share this part of yourself.

You are following a path that has been traveled by many others and yet, it is still sharon-mccutcheon-wx3JOq0Xbh4-unsplashuniquely yours.

At times, this journey may be exhilarating. liberating. allowing you to feel fully yourself.

But at others, it is confusing. unknown. lonely. overwhelming. even scary.

You may feel surprised by the responses of longtime family or friends. It may seem like you are carrying around a constant weight, feeling like you are being asked to choose between yourself and your family or community.

You may experience worry or nervousness in public spaces, feeling as if you are only safe to be fully yourself at home. The world may feel unkind.

Still, you know that there is no other option. You must be true to you.

Though the challenges you face are not yours alone, they are unique to your story. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, you deserve to receive support that is conscientious of your unique experience and responsive to your needs.

With C.H.E.R.I.I.S.H. Counseling, you will work to build internal resources
, connect with caring community, 
establish healthy self-talk
, and create a life that honors your authentic self and offers joy.

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