Identity Development

From the day you are born and from there forward your identity is constantly being developed.

Your upbringing, experiences, life events, choices, and personal and relational encounters all influence your identity and your view of the world.

You may find yourself wondering about these influences and asking “Who am I?” in the midst of it all.

You may even be questioning why you say, think, and do things the way you do.

Some seasons of life can leave you feeling like you do not know yourself at all.
You feel lost, not knowing who you are outside the roles you fulfill.
You are uncomfortable feeling good about yourself.
You struggle to maintain your own voice and values without the weight and judgment of others in your life.
You find yourself fearful of facing some of these things that make you who you are.


Despite this season you might be finding yourself in, if you feel ready to explore your own story and increase your self-understanding and self-compassion, we are here to join you on that journey.

Sometimes, amidst life’s challenges, you can lose sight of your own strengths, values, and character.

When taking on the roles that life and relationships demand, our personal identity may get lost. You may be asking yourself, who is my ideal self, and how do I attain it? 

We are here to join you as you learn to know, love, and accept the unique story only you get to tell. It is not always an easy road to travel, yet with openness, kindness, and collaboration, together we can work to increase your self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-understanding.

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